1. Beating Work At Home Isolation

    Loneliness is one of the drawbacks of running a one-woman business from home. But there are many ways you can reach out and establish connections, both personal and professional, that will help you fight those feelings of isolation. Here's our short list of possibilities:

    Communicate online in chat rooms geared to your interests. Chat now with the moms on our message boards

    Call a business colleague or other work-at-home mom on the phone to share ideas, gripe, laugh or just catch up.

    Join a professional organization geared to your line of work. Instead of just attending meetings or conferences, become involved in a committee or a special project so you get to know a few other members really well.

    Start a group for work-at-home moms in your community. Meet for breakfast, lunch or an evening break once a month or so to talk about business or parenting issues. To start or join your own Mompreneurs® Live local networking group, click here