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Decorate your home and entertain in style with our mom-owned businesses! From stemware to wall decor you will find the accents you need to make your home warm, yet functional. Our Mompreneur marketplace listings showcase businesses and products that are either started, run or manufactured by women assuring you quality products!!

  • Scentsy

    Do you love to have a wonderful smelling home, but worry about open flames, smoke and soot on the walls? I have a solution for you - Scentsy Wickless Candles. Scented wax is melted slowly by a 25-watt light bulb in an exclusive Scentsy warmer releasing enticing aromas into the air. Exclusive warmers come in a variety of styles to fit every decorating style. Over 80 scentsational scents can be mixed and matched to achieve your own unique scent. Contact me @ 714.330.2793 or hope2008.scentsy.us to find out more about becoming a Scentsy customer, hosting a party or exploring the Scentsy business opportunity.

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  • Dr. Doormat

    After becoming a mom in 2002, Debbie Greenspan, a lifetime allergy and asthma sufferer, was concerned about the household dirt her baby daughter was ingesting while playing on the floor.  While family and friends assured her “A little dirt won’t hurt her,” Debbie, who had studied sanitation and housekeeping while getting a degree in hotel management, wasn’t convinced and decided to investigate.   She discovered that household dirt has as many harmful contaminants as a toxic waste dump!  She learned that 90% of the harmful toxins, allergens and pollutants in our homes, enter on the bottom of our shoes!

    She came up with the idea of Dr. Doormat, the first antimicrobial treated doormat for home use  —just wipe feet twice to remove dirt, microbes and other toxins and the antimicrobial treatment destroys them safely on contact.   After two years of research, lab tests, field studies and consulting with microbiologists and home environmentalists, she launched Dr. Doormat.

    Dr. Doormat comes in 4 colors and is affordably priced at $44.99 for the 2’ x 3’ house size and $24.99 for the 2’ x 1 ½ ‘ apartment size.   It is eco-friendly and made in the U.S.A. from sustainable materials.   It is available at drdoormat.com. Shop Our Store