FAQ and Answers About Mompreneurs® Live! Local Groups

Q. What is Mompreneurs® LIVE?
A. Mompreneurs® LIVE is an extension of, our smart and supportive online community. Through our interactive forums, blogs and marketplace, entrepreneurial moms have forged extremely valuable professional and personal relationships, and we have had many requests to extend those experiences into “real time” through face-to-face local networking groups. Now we have responded! Through our Local Groups forum, we provide the resources, tools and expertise to set up Mompreneurs® Live! local groups everywhere!

Q. What are the benefits of joining Mompreneurs® LIVE Local Groups?
A. Mompreneurs® Live gives you the opportunity to connect with other entrepreneurial moms in your community on a regular basis. As moms who work from home or own a business, you no doubt experience unique work-balance challenges and feelings of isolation. By joining a Mompreneurs® LIVE group in your area, you will gain support, ideas, and camaraderie from like-minded moms—all of which will boost your success and well-being.

Q. What are the criteria for joining?
A. There are no rigid rules or qualifications. If you are a mom who works from home, owns her own business, is an inventor or is considering a move in one of those directions, you fit the criteria. The idea is to bring together moms who are seeking better work-family balance and foster relationships that will help them achieve their goals.

Q. How do I join?
A. Click on our Mompreneurs® Live forum and check to see if a local group has formed in your area. Each group will have a designated leader and information about meetings. Then visit our Membership Page to complete your application. Once you’ve taken care of those details, you can click on the PayPal button to pay your $25 annual dues. The group leader will then get in touch to welcome you and inform you of meeting dates, etc. Then you’re in!

Q. What does the $25 annual dues cover?
A. Each member receives a membership packet with valuable resources, promotional Mompreneurs® merchandise and a free e-book of inspirational Mompreneur® Mantras. The Mompreneurs® will hold a webinar or teleconference with each local group at least once a year. Plus, each local group member will be welcomed to the Mompreneurs® Live private forum for nationwide networking. Members can go in with a protected password and get feedback from group members across the country.

Q. What if there is no local group in my area?
A. Form your own! Contact us at if you would like to create a local group. Founders Ellen Parlapiano and Pat Cobe will identify group leaders and assist them with guidelines and materials. In the meantime, you can spread the word in your town or city, in the MompreneursOnline forums and through online networks to generate excitement and gather interested moms.

Any more questions? E-mail us at We look forward to hearing from you—and to growing our local group membership among entrepreneurial moms like you!